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Aspire Counselling offers private face to face and online counselling service for individuals, couples, families and children. We also offer corporate services such as mental wellness talks, crisis counselling, and employee counselling packages.

Our services cover areas including anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, behaviour management/change, relationship issues, divorce, parenting issues, grief, relocation adjustment, life adjustment, stress management, couples counselling, work/life balance. Corporate services can be delivered in the form of seminars and talks, counselling packages for employees, one to one counselling, crisis counselling and redundancy counselling.

Aspire Counselling Singapore - Counselling & Psychotherapy

Our philosophy and approach

Aspire Counselling’s core philosophy is to empower individuals to achieve their goals and create desired change. We also give people the tools to respond, rather than to react to their life challenges. Counselling takes place in an environment of empathy and trust.  This encourages growth, happiness and success in all facets of personal and professional life.

Our personal clients include both expatriates and locals; men, women, children, families, and couples.  We help people overcome relationship, and life challenges.  We also support the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Face to Face

Aspire Counselling Singapore - Face to Face - Counselling & Psychotherapy

Online Counselling

Aspire Counselling Singapore - Online Video - Counselling & Psychotherapy

Corporate Services

Aspire Counselling Singapore - Corporate and Employee Services - Counselling & Psychotherapy
Maria Luedeke Aspire Counselling Singapore - Counselling & Psychotherapy

About Maria Luedeke

Maria is a highly qualified Counsellor with educational qualifications from U.S. and Australian institutions. Maria is a Choice Theory Reality Therapy  and Lead Management Certified Therapist by the William Glasser Institute and possesses a Certificate of Clearance from the Singapore Government authorising her to work with children and adolescents in all settings.  Maria is a member of several professional organisations such as the American Counselling Association, the William Glasser Institute and the American Psychotherapy Association.

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    The signs of depression and what to do next

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    13 Concerning Signs of Mental Illness in a Child

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    Give up? or stand up to life’s challenges?

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    Do you look at yourself?

    As we were growing up, we would often joke that some people would spend too much time looking in the mirror. How times have changed. These days we are just as likely to see ourselves in a selfie on Instagram than a mirror. We see ourselves
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    When My Depression Seems Like Laziness to Others

    This article from Caitlin Ainsworth writing on The Mighty, describes what many of our clients can feel. They struggle to get out of bed and from the outside they are percieved to be lazy and unfocused. At times they may also see themselves
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    Couples counselling

    Couples and Relationship Counselling Romantic relationships are an integral part of our lives. They can bring the best out of us, as well as the worst. They are intricate and constantly evolving. Communication is an integral part of romantic
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