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Our Approaches

At Aspire Counselling, we use a number of techniques to help you.  A combination of therapies may be utilized to achieve a positive personalised outcome. Self-care is an important element of mental wellness and includes exercise. With our partners we can provide a complete and managed treatment plan including yoga, pilates and other wellness services.   During our sessions, we will discover together what works depending upon indivduals needs and goals.

The techniques we use are summarised below.  To find out more about each of them, click on the “Learn More” buttons.

Choice Theory Reality Therapy (CTRT)

Choice Theory, developed by Dr. William Glasser explains that our behaviour is driven by our own decisions and that relationships are key to how we act. We learn that the only person’s behaviour that we can control is our own and that we as individuals have a choice as to how to relate to others in any given situation.

Choice Theory teaches that we have seven caring behaviours: supporting, encouraging, listening, accepting, trusting, respecting and negotiating differences.  To the contrary, we also have seven deadly behaviours that whilst they appear to work to some degree, can do us more harm than good and prevent us achieving our goals and happiness. These are: criticising, blaming, complaining, nagging, threatening, punishing, and rewarding/bribing to control.

At Aspire Counselling we can teach you how to make the best choices for yourself.

Lead Management

Lead Management is the use of choice theory in any situation where you have the responsibility to lead others. This can be applied in situations as diverse as managing workers, students, families, your own children, or even groups that you interact with and have an influential role.   Rather than using the coercive traditional approaches to management, this approach emphasises the creation of relationships, trust and using the concepts of reality theory to solve problems, and create fulfilling and happy environments and lives.

Lead Management is empowering for both the person practicing it and those that they influence.  It will teach people to self-evaluate, make the correct choices, and achieve a quality of work and life.


Being mindful is being consciously aware and focused of the present moment. There are two main catagories of Mindfulness treatments; Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Both have very similar underpinnings but MBCT is askin to CBT (see above) in that is is focused on changing thoughts and actions. MBCT focuses on this in relation to minimizing unwanted thoughts, feeling and body sensations. It is primarily used to assist relapse and onset of Depression. MBSR has its focus on heightening ones attention and awareness of present Moments. It incorporates Buddhist principals of meditation with psychology, medicine and science to reduce individuals stress response and stimulate the relaxation response.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

SFBT is a future directed, solution focused therapy that focuses on an individuals goals. It endeavors to help clients reframe their problems to find solutions. It does not seek to delve deeply into past experiences as psychodynamic therapies do and may appeal to those who want a more targeted, brief counseling experience.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a psychotherapy that assists individuals to change how they think (Cognitive) and change what they do (Behavioral) in order to minimize undesirable symptoms. It is most commonly used in treating anxiety and depression but is effective in treating many issues as well. CBT helps individuals breakdown overwhelming issues into smaller, more manageable portions.

Working with our Partners

In order to look after your total wellness Aspire Counselling finds and partners with selected companies. By partnering with these companies we can offer you holistic wellness care, and recommend sustainable treatment plans for you.

Sweatbox Yoga partner of Aspire Counselling Singapore

Sweatbox Yoga

Sweatbox Yoga is a premium boutique studio located in the lush greenery of Bukit Timah. We’re fully equipped with state-of-the art heating panels for hot yoga, with experienced instructors to mindfully guide your practice.

Inspired by our instructors and yoga community, Sweatbox Yoga aims to help women, men and children have fun while staying fit through yoga. Our immaculate studio features two, brightly lit and spacious rooms overlooking the lush greenery of Bukit Timah’s nature

Sweatbox Yoga

200 Turf Club Road #05-03/04,
The Grandstand, Singapore 287994

Phone : +65 6468 0836
Email : hi@sweatboxyoga.com.sg
web: https://www.sweatboxyoga.com.sg

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